Basic $44
The perfect plan for email, web surfing, media streaming, enjoying Facebook, and other basic internet services
Gamer's Choice $60
Enjoy on-line gaming? This is the plan for you! AtLink makes it fast and easy to bring the best online games right to your home.
Elite - Faster! $70
Our newest and most preferred home internet service plan. Internet connectivity with the speed you need to enjoy your favorite web activities, movies and websites!
Extreme - Fastest! $85
Faster than DSL or wireline for multiple users and devices, with NO data limits or usage caps. Big-time speeds at a small-time price!

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Enjoy unlimited internet with AtLink! We can probably serve your location if you live five to ten miles in any direction from one of our over-200 radio towers, and nothing is in the way between there and our tower. Click on the image to see a large-scale version of our coverage map.

AtLink Customers

AtLink is one of the nation’s largest providers of fixed-wireless internet. In business since 2005, we’ll soon be serving our 13,000th customer. We hope you’ll join us. Know someone who needs AtLink? Tell a friend, get a month free!**

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**Notice: Tell a Friend, Get a Month! Receive a service credit at our basic rate when a friend you refer activates an account with AtLink Services. There’s no limit on the number of friends you can refer. So have your friend call us today and give our friendly customer care representative your account name! Call 405.753.7151