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Basic $44
The perfect plan for email, web surfing, media streaming, enjoying Facebook, and other basic internet services
Gamer's Choice $60
Enjoy on-line gaming? This is the plan for you! AtLink makes it fast and easy to bring the best online games right to your home.
Elite - Faster! $70
Our newest and most preferred home internet service plan. Internet connectivity with the speed you need to enjoy your favorite web activities, movies and websites!
Extreme - Fastest! $85
Faster than DSL or wireline for multiple users and devices, with NO data limits or usage caps. Big-time speeds at a small-time price!

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Enjoy unlimited internet with AtLink! We can probably serve your location if you live five to ten miles in any direction from one of our over-200 radio towers, and nothing is in the way between there and our tower. Click on the image to see a large-scale version of our coverage map.

AtLink Customers

AtLink is one of the nation’s largest providers of fixed-wireless internet. In business since 2005, we’ll soon be serving our 10,000th customer. We hope you’ll join us. Know someone who needs AtLink? Tell a friend, get a month free!

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